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I'm an online marketer living, working, and occasionally sleeping in Salt Lake City.

I specialize in providing full-funnel acquisition strategies for companies seeking a material impact from online marketing investments.

My core work often consists of dynamic optimization for large-scale websites and automated scaling processes related to data management // data modeling.

Outside of sitting in front of computers all day, I travel frequently to music festivals, find my zen with trail runs, and am a pretty gnarly standup paddleboarder.


Occasionally I provide online marketing services for brands and websites through Tredge Technology. Some of my web portfolio is public - and lists websites that I've developed, designed, and optimized (zero outsourcing) outside of having a life and a full time job. Due to NDA's, privacy stipulations in contracts, and other miscellaneous things - the vast majority of my web portfolio is currently not public.

You can always contact me directly to inquire about projects I've undertaken or have contributed to in my spare time.